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The Disorder that Isn’t a Disorder (Except that it Totally Is)

I forgot to post this from a while back!  I wrote an article in my school’s newspaper for Eating Disorder Awareness Week.  CW: disordered eating (obvs), weight loss.  Plain text follows the images below the cut.  Enjoy!

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My Own Independence Day

CW: diet talk, weight loss, profanity, disordered eating . . . I quietly celebrated an important anniversary yesterday.  It’s been exactly one year since I gave up dieting and stopped trying to lose weight.  I had been resistant and afraid … Continue reading

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Rule of Life

As I prepared to make my final oblation as an oblate of St. Benedict, back in November 2013, one of the things I was required to do was to write a rule of life, adapting the principles of the Rule … Continue reading

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