So I was having brunch with my good friend Kristin, and as usual, we were discussing politics, religion, the politics of religion (you get the idea), as well as social justice and the future of the church.  I have such a passion for these things and so much to say that  she suggested I start a blog.  It sounded like a great idea.  So I did!

It’s been about three years since that conversation, and lots of life has happened in the interim.  Seminary has been an incredible, challenging, wonderful, faith-filled experience, and I feel myself growing more and more into this call to serve God’s church as an ordained pastor.  So this blog has evolved over the course of discerning a call to ministry, entering candidacy, and entering seminary — and now, I confess, it is mostly just sermons — but I hope that somewhere in this jungle of words, there shines a glimmer of the deep and liberating experience of grace that keeps me in love with God and with the church.


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