Sermon: Predicando a los Zorros / Preaching to the Foxes

Domingo, 21 de febrero, 2016
Segundo Domingo de Cuaresma
Iglesia Luterana San Andrés, West Chicago, IL
San Lucas 13:31-35 
(English translation follows below)

Cristo y los fariseos

Jesús está predicando en Galilea, sanando a la gente, y expulsando demonios cuando los fariseos se acercan a él. Le amenazan a Jesús, diciéndole que Herodes quiere matarle, y le mandan que huya de la región. Pero, increíblemente, Jesús no les hace caso. De hecho, llama a Herodes un zorro y hasta sarcásticamente sugiere que Herodes lo busque en tres días para matarlo a Jesús en Jerusalén. Continue reading “Sermon: Predicando a los Zorros / Preaching to the Foxes”


Sermon: Chicks Gone Wild

Sunday, February 21, 2016
Second Sunday of Lent
St. Andrew Lutheran Church, West Chicago, IL
Luke 13:31-35

Jesus lament over Jerusalem

Today, we continue our journey through the forty days of Lent. And we walk alongside Jesus, as he makes his way inevitably toward Jerusalem.

In our gospel reading for today, Jesus is totally focused on his goal. The pharisees come to him with death threats from Herod, but Jesus brushes them off. In fact, this is a classic example of what I like to think of as “snarky Jesus.” Jesus calls Herod a “fox” and responds to his threat by basically saying, “Look Herod, I don’t have time for you right now. I’ve got work to do. But hey, I’ve got an opening in three days, so if you still want to kill me, you can come on down to Jerusalem and do it then – because we all know that no prophet can die outside of Jerusalem, amirite?” Jesus basically dismisses Herod and the pharisees because he is so focused on reaching Jerusalem. Because Jerusalem is the stage on which the grand drama of the passion narrative will unfold. Continue reading “Sermon: Chicks Gone Wild”

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